I am R, also writer for The Chewish Kitchen. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Depression in 2016, and have been fighting a fight ever since. I have been vocal about my story and all the trials and tribulations I have faced with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations. I now want to share other stories that I have collected through my network to:

  1. Help remind other people like myself out there that there are others sharing the pain, even if not all too similarly.
  2. Provide a resource for families and friends to understand what they need to do to actually support their loved one through mental health.
  3. Somehow one day assist doctors / the health care system in truly understanding what is going through a patient’s mind as they are fighting through tough suicidal ideations or severe depression among other issues.

At the end of the day, I want to somehow create a community where people can learn to share their stories and embrace what they have gone through as best they can despite all their difficulties.

Even if this gets ignored, I am just so very grateful to those vulnerable enough to have shared. Each and every one of your stories means so very much to me as I continue to fight my fight. You are my heroes and heroines, and the most amazing human beings in this world.